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Socratic and Platonic Political Philosophy: Practicing a Politics of Reading
The Liberal Arts (Image: The Seven Liberal Arts, by Guidi, 1406-86)
The Public Philosophy Journal team at Matrix at MSU, Spring 2014.
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  • Whatever else can be said of the PhD endeavor, it is fraught with anxiety and self-doubt. Everyone associated with graduate education knows this, many of us from first-hand experience, but rarely do we discuss it, and rarer still do we consider ways to ameliorate it.

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  • It was paragraph three, section b) of the Contributor Publishing Agreement from Indiana University Press that gave me pause.

    In it I read that I would not be permitted to post the final published version of my article, “Who Let the Dogs Out? Tracking the Philosophical Life among the Wolves and Dogs of Plato’s Republic,” on my website until a full year after the date of its publication.

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  • In this poster session, we present the project of the Public Philosophy Journal and our plans for cultivating a community of engaged scholars to sustain it. At the session, we explain our motivations for designing the journal to perform public philosophy as its mode of publication, highlight the journal’s role as a hub for community-sourced […]

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